Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dec20 - Comic Fiesta 2009 Sunway

Comic Fiesta at Sunway Convention centre. I don't remmeber when was the last time i went. oh wait...about 2years ago in Melaka. Love the jap environment, especially the cosplays. The amount of effort ppl put into their costumes.

Welcoming committee

Entrance fee though, but it was worth it...for me

The MCs were awesome. extremely impromptu
Great big group of audience too

Nominations for best costume...u have to be talented in entertaining as well


Chubbits...too cute for my taste

Naruto vs Bleach....hmm..both also good..and still running after 100 eps

Dunno who they are...but the left is freaking awesome

Never watch before but then all cameras on both bazookas

No..this is a statue..not cosplay

A guy very 2-piece? that's normal here

Apasal mario bros here?

The amount of makeup...can breathe in there?
on the right is from Tsubasa Chronicles

I wan those things on their ears

Special place for this group to take pic

Love this anime of Kurushitsu aka Hell Butler

Both needs no introduction

A carton of milk is not miss-able

Ahhh..the brothers in Full Metal Alchemist
He lost his head again

FYI...if u are attracted to these 2 "ladies", time to "check' urself
This Swat guy was what greeted me when I entered

Expensive but worth the money

Alice out for another murder...
A very *ahem* Ultraman

Ghost from Spirited Away

Seriously like soundproof under that

Couldn't catch her in time...she's not sitting on it, she's wearing it...damn cute


Baby currently high on Bleach

Ohhhh Mokona..why u soo ooooo kawaii!!!???

Doing the catwoman style before leaving

My purchases

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