Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sept9 - Fresenius Kabi 3rd Cycle Meet (Avillion)

Thank my lucky stars, I was able to join my current company’s the 3rd Cycle Meet. Seems like every quarter, the sales team (central & outstation) would get together to update on the ups & downs. Since my Marketing Managers (I report to 3 product managers) were briefing their product, I had a reason to attend as well. *snicker snicker* Not like I’ve anything to do with the meeting. Ok ok…as a new staff, introduction then.

We left the office around 1030am. Suppose to meet for lunch at 12.30pm. Majority got lost. Good thing I still remembered the way, a little. Didn’t turn into PD town. Briefing took about 3hrs, then teabreak. After that we checked into our rooms to change into comfy clothing for team building games (see end of blog for pics).

As this was a pretty leisure 2days-1night weekday trip, I didn’t do much other than walk around & took pics.

That night, a few people (3 cars) drove to Seremban just to karaoke the night away. *eyebrow raised* I took a nice midnite drip in the pool and stroll around exploring, under the moonlit night. My roommate had to study for next day’s product exam.

Being a weekday, I automatically woke up early. Thought of going for a run along the beach, but since it’s like a holiday, why bother :p Had a game of tennis with my colleagues then to breakfast. We left back to office at 11am :(

Somehow it’s a good thing the company is relevantly small, meaning we can upgrade in our expenses kekeke. We stayed in the Water Chalet, with a wondrous bathtub & open-air bathroom.

Team building was organized by Avillion. Quite a fun bunch of people. Even my GM joined in. 4 games x 3 teams. Guess which team won? :p

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