Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sept20 - Buying a pair of New Balance Trail shoes

Time for some trail running with 2 trail races in my calendar. Singapore The North Face run ( and Awana Genting Trailblazer.

I've always been a devoted New Balance runner. Thought I'll go back to them for my 1st trail shoes.

I find the WT875 nice & light. Also cushiony. But if i wanna race in it, I dun wan the extra weight.

WT812 looks really old with a boring design but its sturdy.

WT571 is an older model, tough and less cushiony.

WT840 is very chic and modern looking. Love the colour but not the price. Extremely light, less cushion but too broad for my feet. Didn't feel secure when I ran in it.

So i decided on WT571. But problem was what colour? Took me like 20-30mins just deciding

....Still deciding...

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