Friday, May 22, 2009

KK Trip : Day 4 - Free & Easy

The first itinerary on our free & easy day was a massage to relax our muscles. The girls would love a good spa massage but that would just put us to sleep. Not that I’m complaining. With expert’s advice, Thai massage it was.

We had our arms, body & legs pulled, pushed, pressed & squashed with moans & groans heard around.
Running is not an option. Crossing the street, u’ll see a bunch of “orang tempang” (limping people).
We visited the Craft market for a few souvenirs. I bought my magnet of Mt KK as a memoir of the places I’ve visited.

We had our group celebration dinner at a Seafood Restaurant (also walking distance from the hotel). Too bad we couldn’t afford for fresh seafood. Too pricey.
We also had our own certificate presentation.

B&W cert for those who didn't make it up to the summit:
- This certificate is presented to ___ as a record and souvenir of an ascent of MT KK

2 colour cert for those who climbs up to summit via Mesilau
- This is to certify that ___ has climbed to Low’s Peak MT KK via the Mesilau Summit Trail
- This is to certify that ___ has climbed to Low’s Peak MT KK on [date]

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