Thursday, May 21, 2009

KK Trip : Day 1 - KK / Poring Hot Spring

The flight to KK was about 2.5hrs. KK airport was relatively small. Felt a little dejavu coz I was here last year for my diving trip to Layang-Layang then.

The 1st mishap of the trip was a missing luggage by Air Asia. Seemed like the luggage tag on the bag wasn’t the same as on the ticket. Good thing the airline was able to deliver the bag to the hotel before the hike.

Nice comfy bus for our long journey. First up was a 2hr journey to the Kinabalu Park. Another sleeping session.

Our tour guide registered us for our hike and we were provided a briefing of our daily trip. Oh, our tour agency was called Exotic Tours. Kinky isn’t it. Would you believe that the fastest person to climbed KK only took him 2hrs47secs, and here we’re planning for a 2day hike.

The scheduled was a little screwed up. I had suggested for Poring Hot Spring after the hike since it’s better for our muscles. But on the day we descend, we wouldn’t have enough time to visit Poring, as we’ll be heading to KK town already.

By the sound of “Poring Hot Spring” might seemed like a spa, but at first sight, the thought of my mind was “like that only ah?”. It’s like any local waterfall with picnics around & kids running about. U can opt to soak ur body or only legs. Since we weren’t “equipped”, we went legs only instead. U could see steam from the water surface.

I had my doubts about the water being “spring”. It might actually just be water being boiled somewhere. Anyway, It took me sometime to get accustomed to the hot water. Make that 20mins. By the time I got out of the water, my legs was lobster red, ready to be eaten.

Our first night stay was at the Kinabalu Pine Resort. The room was quite big, and the resort had a peaceful serenity atmosphere surrounding it. At a distance, we could see the mountain that we were attempting tomorrow. When night fell, the temperature dropped to Genting Highlands level (15deg). Seems like a custom to have steamboat (hot soup) for dinner to warm our bodies up. That night, all of us were busy with packing.

Packing for KK (3 bags)
1 – watever stuff not required for the hike, at all, will be left in the care of the tour agency
2 – watever stuff required for the hike, to be carried by the porter (RM9 per kg)
3 – stuff you’ll be carrying for the hike eg. Water, snacks, medicines etc.

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