Friday, April 17, 2009

Apr05 - Twilight Run 2009

The sun setting over the Brisbane River, thousands of runners and walkers enjoying an April evening... pounding the pavement, putting their bodies to the test. Grimaces, smiles and a few frowns are some of the expressions temporarily occupying the faces of participants...
Finally as the sun sets, expressions change as men and women of all ages beam coming across the finishing line. Looking towards the finishing clock, realising a personal best, reaching a goal and most importantly having participated in Queensland's only Twilight Half Marathon and 10km Festival.

After months of swim, ride & run racing & training, not once did I blinked an eye to register for this run. A big plus to it was that it was a night run. So no sun nor hills to complain about. It was about time i started my long distance running again after only training 10km runs for my tri events. The last time I ran a 21km was Gold Coast Marathon last year June. So I was just hoping for the best.

I was in kinda a jam coz being Sunday, no buses runs at night. So at final resort, the dreadful taxi, which meters clicks the same tempo as ur pulse. The drive was only 15minutes away costing me $17.50 :O

My 1st nite run. Weather was playing tricks on us. Rain, sun, cloud, rain grrr...make up your mind!!! Starting point was the running tracks of University of Queensland, with various events suited for everyone. Ello..if an 8year old can run 1km sprint, so can u. There were soooo cute...

I wore my new green running skirt, with 2 side pockets to keep my gels. I regretted carrying my camera coz my camera suxs at night shots plus it was heavy too.

The ground was wet and the roads were dim. Oz is really saving $$$ on electricity coz the distance between the lightposts was quite far. So in between was quite dim. I got disoriented.

We were told that distance marker was showed, but I don't see any. Then i noticed some markings sprayed on the ground. to see at nite lah. So i couldn't time split at all. Only 2 water stations (10km) grrrr...Spotted 4 guys wearing Singapore Marathon Finisher shirts. I cut 2 of them *big smile*.

Anyway, i sprinted towards the finish line on the running track. Like stadium mah...imagine Olympics ekkekek...

I was glisterring with sweat since it was hot & humid. I looked at my watch after crossing the line. 2hrs 1min. WHAT THE HECK!!! The Curse of the 1min. Someone helpppp me!!!!

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