Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mar20 - Skirtini Party

A passion born, the SkirtSports line launched in 2005, mirroring the idea that women should never have to sacrifice femininity for performance in their workout clothes. In the first year, skirts flew off the shelves, selling out by mid-season, to runners, cyclists, triathletes, tennis players, and fashionistas, and the Skirt buzz grew.

I received an invitation from Intraining Running Centre to attend a Skirtini Party to launch the latest thing to ladies running attire; sports skirt. I’ve done my research and found many running skirts in the market by Nike, NB, running skirts, skirt sports, sports skirt etc. I think majority give the same impression; make ladies feel feminine even when playing sports especially running. But think of it, when did tennis skirt first started? Why now? Some questions I really don’t bother asking out loud.

Anyway, it was a closed party. Only a handful of ladies attended but since it was a Friday evening, I wouldn’t blame the rest. Unlike me, I don’t quite have a live other than training. Thankfully they served us fingerfood to keep my tummy from rebelling. My mocktail was non-alcoholic aka fruit punch. As we were waiting for more people to arrive, I tried out a few skirts which added to my confusion what was the difference because they all kinda look the same. Just a little info. We all know that beneath the skirts, we wear undies.

Below is a little explanation on what is worn with the skirt sports. Most of them are builded-in with the skirt.

* The attire is modelled by volunteers. So there is no guarantee on how good or not they look.

Skirt Sports' Gym Girl skort offers the appeal of a short skirt, the convenience of shorts and the mobility, fit and comfort of spandex stretch.

Power up your marathon in this Marathon-Girl skirt from Skirt Sports. Skirt Power is their line of pretty yet technical fitness wear you'll love wearing anytime.

* What’s the difference between the 2? Err…Marathon Girl has a slit on the side for better ventilation and stretchiness. While the Gym Girl is fitted, that also comes with a longer length for those who doesn’t which to show more leg

Skirt Sports Summer dress is your perfect casual outer layer whether you are going for a walk in the park, need a swimsuit cover-up, or heading out on the town for a day of shopping.


It’s Capris! It’s a lightweight, flirty booty-covering Skirt! It’s the revolutionary Capri-Skirt Combo! We call it the Sweetest Thing in honor of our favorite U2 tune. Guaranteed to nurture a dry kind of love while you’re working up a sweat


This cover-up-styled skirt can be just as easily worn for the run of a TRI or a walk on the beach. With hidden snaps for your race number, you need not worry about safety pins. Silicone waistband gripper holds the RaceBelt Skirt in place; no more riding up to your "real waist!"

As the clothing line has grown in popularity, SkirtSports recently debuted their soon-to-be-infamous national SkirtChaser Race Series in Austin, TX. The race kicks off with a kids "mini chase" and follows the next day with an adult race, including an all-women's start, followed by a men's "SkirtChaser" start three minutes later and concludes with a block party and fashion show.

Did u get it? It’s a race where the girls get a few minutes head start, then the guys comes running after. I dunno what the incentive will be though. Reminds me of my primary school days playing catching :p Anyway, the fashion show ended with a boy chasing after a girl. Tadah!!! Ok lah..the session gave me a pretty good overview.

The gullible me, bought 2 skirts. A running and triathlon skirt. So try to spot me wearing them during a race.

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