Thursday, December 11, 2014

2014 08Aug24 - (Day2) - Travelling to 5th Station Kawaguchiko

Woke up to a room facing Mt Fuji. Wanted to go onsen but didn't want to wake up too early.
Typical japanese breakfast usually consist of rice & fish. I always see this in anime. A little too heavy for us though.
All packed up and shuttled to Kawaguchiko Station for our bus trip to 5th Station (Yoshida trail)
Quite easy buying bus tickets. S
adly, there was no limitation to number of passengers on the bus. 
A few of us had to stand for the 50mins bus ride.
Tones of people at the 5th Station. 
Tourist visiting the closest to Mt Fuji, hikers who just descended and hikers preparing to ascent.

Lots of tourist shops around for momento. 
I went round looking for my can of oxygen for my hike but no luck. Horses services available to bring you up to the Reporting Station (vice versa).
Map of Mt Fuji 5th station.
hiking Yoshida trail
The ladies departed ahead first for their night hike while the 3 of us hung around 5th Station. 
We had to lug our water supplies with us as we make our way to our Sato-goya hut.
This is the general trail towards the start of the hike.
View looking down from 5th Station
Looking upwards. Can't really see the mountain yet
The fork between the incline climb and towards Sato-goya hut.
Signage to the climb
The good news is that there is a route up from Sato-goya.
So we don't have to walk back here just to begin our climb.
Route away from the crowd.
Around 10-15mins walk away from the fork.
The hut is located above a small slope. 
We had to clarify with passersby if that was the hut.
Our japanese Adelaide friend, Mayumi was kind enough to ask her mum to fax our booking to Sato-goya hut.
The main area has a water boiler, 2 fat rabbits & a parrotkee, Pi-chan.
The TV area was next to the boiler.
Hikers hangout area. Between the main area & the sleeping room.
We arrived kinda early so just sit around & chit chat.
To the right on the main area is the dining room, then to the left is the hangout area.
Toilet is outside. Ladies cubicle is separated with a japanese door curtain.
It's heated and smells like laundromat. However, no shower. Serious.
So I had to use the pipe in the toilet and wipe myself clean instead.
From the hangout area, towards the sleeping room.
Double decker with long futons.
Individual pillows & blankets.
Thankfully, not peak season so there weren't many people area.
No snoring noises either.
Lesson learnt. If there isn't many people, sleep on the lower bunk.
It is a hassle climbing up and down the bunk....quietly.
Menu...$8 for a bowl of udon
we were tempted by the beer
Our accommodation comes with meal
Simple beef curry with rice, soup, salad & stuffed capsicum

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