Saturday, September 27, 2014

2014 08Aug22 - (Day0) - Adelaide to Tokyo

Preparation to our 2014 big trip to Japan & Korea.
As one of the days in Hokkaido, Japan, we would be travelling out to the mountains, I would need a international drivers license. 
It was really simple getting one at RAA. Took me only 10mins.
Our flight departs from Adelaide to Cairns from Jetstar.
The problem is eventhough both flights Adelaide / Cairns / Tokyo are Jetstar airline but during our transit at Cairns, we still had to collect out luggage and recheck in again.
Really long queue checking into for Tokyo whilst Osaka was barely there.
Really sad though as Jetstar International doesn't even have inlight entertainment.

After nearly 12 hours flights + 1hr train ride from Tokyo International Airport to Shin-Okubo.
We stayed at the Shin-Okubo City Hotel in Korean town area.

Hotel was slow ceiling but we're asian.
Nice to have separate toilet & bath.
Japan bath tubs are really deep. I think japanese people tends to soak themselves alot : neck deep.
Wonderful English translation for the toilet bidet, air-con remote control & WIFI.
Twin bed with only 1 pillow per prs.
TV is a small monitor on a table.
Window that looks out to another building (not that it matters to me).
I love Japanese convenience shop.
The variety of food is endless. 
Met up with Ray, Bee & Leng for a shopping walk at Harajuku.
Shopping at Harajuku Asics shops
Beautiful colours and reasonable discount prices.

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