Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2013 Dec20 - AIB Christmas Masquerade Party 2013

Another year is about to end
After last year jeans facade, this time it's time to dress up.
Lovely christmas gift from the Management.
Preferred this compared to last year's chocolate fiesta.
Colleague, Odi had everyone's faces photoshopped.
I didn't know Sporty Spice was that rounded.
Venue was at the National Wine Centre.
I sure hope we are served not only wine since I don't drink =p
Toilet selfie
Short Hair Chignon
Small yet chic
Left : Kristine
Right : with Tara and Nicola
Now why does the dress make me seemed boobless? *sigh*
Casual with Kristine & Maria
Navi, Laurence, Bojan, Jelena, Arun, Conor & Rixon
Tara, Philip, Thuy, Odi, Kerry, Kristine, Julia, George (thumbs-up), Julie & Taylor
My table
Sandhy, Maria, Kristine, ME, Nicola, Faizan, Heidi, Mark, Olga & Steph
Chocolate Fountain!!!!
Dinner started late so we were digging in the fruits & chocolate
One more?!
with Odi, Kerry & Kristine
The bosses & managers
Ladies hitting the dance floor
Squashing ourselves into the small screen

Photobooth during events are such an IN thing right now
Simon sooo drunk hahahha
The 3 musketeers
Student support team
Course Advisors

Don't ask me about the food.
It was edible..that was all I remembered =p

My shoes from Betts was more expensive than my hair style (self) and dress.
After a night of dancing & socialising, poker-dot flats is the way to walk to the car.

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