Sunday, August 4, 2013

Footwear & Hello Kitty soft toys for sale

Winter boots (from Hong Kong) - $8
Brand New Leather walking shoes - $15
Blue Velvet Platform Boots- $8
Silver Space Platform Boots - $15
Hello Kitty soft toys - $10 per pair

Winter Boots for sale
Bought in Hong Kong
Only wore twice 
Faux fur on the top of the boot.
Detachable straps
Size 36
Option on high or mid height
Selling price AUD $8

Brand New Leather walking shoes for sale
Leather walking shoes from Australia
Never worn before. With tags 
Size 6/37
Leather upper and inner 
Selling price AUD$15

Blue Velvet Platform Boots
Size 38
Brand : Rubi
Blue velvet platfom shoes
Selling price : AUD $8

Silver Space Platform Boots
Silver space platform boots
shoelaces & velcro
size 36 / 5
Selling price AUD $15

Hello Kitty soft toys
AUD $10 per pair
Beach couple
Chinese couple
Wedding couple
McDonalds staff
School girl

*please note that Hello Kitty toys might be a little dirty as the plastic has small holes on it

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