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2013 04Apr23 - Pre/Post Ironman Melbourne

Few months after IM WA in Perth, KS signed up for the IM Melbourne.
He's really taking advantage of the "participate all races in Australia" slogan for himself since he moved here.
As IM Melbourne sold out only a few hours after registration opened, he registered thru 
"We strive to bring you the biggest and best global adventure travel and fitness events, including guaranteed entry to sold out major events."
The package includes registration & accommodation. 
We went thru them too to book our flight as well (which includes 1 x baggage per person).
Qantas is like MAS. Higher class compared to budget airlines like Air Asia, Jetstar & Tiger.
So we were provided breakfast on our early morning flight.
Oh, FYI. Your 1xticket includes 1 x baggage. So if you have a bike bag + 1xluggage, go online and purchase an extra baggage. We made that mistake.
After much research on car rental, we decided to go with Apex Car Rental
The price is reasonable compared to the bigger names.
The only problem to it is that the office is based outside the airport.
But they provide return pickup in a big van from the airport-office (return) complimentary.
So no worries about our big luggage & bike bag.
Thumbs up on the Customer Service and they provided us the Auto-Scan Toll Tag (in case we do pass a toll). We brought our own TomTom GPS, which was one of the best equipment during our Australian travels. There were some situation when argument does arise (between the driver aka me & the device).
Now the crappy part is that the package accommodation is at the Easystay apartment St Kilda.
They have 3 accommodation in St Kilda : Motel, Studio Apartment & Raglan Apartment.
Unfortunately, the Reception office is at 63 Fitzroy Street St Kilda 3182, while the Studio Apartment at 26 Blessing St.
Plus since we arrived early, we had to wait till about 2pm for check-in time. So, all our stuff was still in the car while we explored the expo. FYI, parking in St Kilda is CRAZY & EXPENSIVE!!!
Entrance of the Easystay Studio Apartment at Blessington St.
About 1.1km away from the Expo.
Imagine completing 3.6km swim / 180km cycle / 42km run, then walking 1.1km back.
The studio apartment was pretty alright. 
But, I remember requesting for a twin bed as I tend to roll alot and I didn't want to disturb KS from a good nights' sleep but was only provided an extra rollaway (blanket & pillow) in the closet.
The bad part was tat we were on the ground floor, and that was where the main door (secure lock) to the building was. So when anyone comes into the building, the entrance door would automatically slams shut. Nightmare!!!
Thankfully, majority of the people staying in the building were triathletes, so no late party-goers
Bathroom & pantry

Giving the driver a massage with the roller
Photo in front of Luna Park. After staying in Melbourne for 1.5yrs, I've never been there before.
He has this thing at attracting animals. He was just sitting on the bench, when the little fella sat next to him.
Cats are different though. These stuck up animals would ignore you.
So, the solution to it is to chase after them instead.
I visited my aunt in Melbourne who owns this noisy fella
My bro after his move to Melbourne. The family is slowly migrating here.
You would ask if I miss Melbourne.
In comparison to Adelaide, there are many more things here.
I've always said that I didn't like Melbourne coz of the weather. Which is still true.
I had a very bad experience staying here due to housemate issues.
I guess tat's everywhere.
100% what I miss in Melbourne is Victoria Market.
It's like Pasar Malam in Malaysia except its only open during the day.
How do you want your massage?
My very first asian supermarket.
And what did I eat when i was in Melbourne?
Malaysian Food!! hahhaha...yes, just roll your eyes at me
IM Melbourne is known for its logistic difficulty.
The bloody T1 & T2 is located at Frankston (45mins drive away from St Kilda)
The expo & Finish line is at St Kilda. 
So where do we stay?
The night before the race (Sat night), we found an accommodation at Frankston at the last minute, within walking distance from the starting line. I didn't feel like driving from St Kilda to Frankston at wee hours of the morning with road blocks to maneuver. 
The only room available was the family room, 2 queen bed + bunk beds.
Price was reasonable, so we took it.
The backyard leads to the run route trail and towards the ocean.
We'll definitely book this place again.
Once the whole event was over, we took a trip to the city of Melbourne.
The only thing KS wanted was McDonalds.
Our new pet.....next time...

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