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2012 Dec23 - Cirque Du Soleil OVO Adelaide

Cirque du Soleil is one of the well-known circus around the world. The last time I went for a circus was a typical old fashion event setup on a school football field at Kampung Tunku. There's the normal animal tricks, flying trapeze, the flexible lady who can light a ciggy with her foot while on her tummy (overhead legs) etc.

And the best thing yet, KS said he's never been to a circus before.
Price of course was quite dear since its a renown troupe. But with the thought  "let's just see this ONCE" had be clicking the purchase button.
Even my favourite pole champion, Mai Sato is an Aerialist for the Cirque. But too bad she's not touring this round.
Pretty sore that parking next to the big top would cost us $15 and so, I did the same with a few other ppl, park & walk.
This way please
I saw the Big Top started being setup about a month ago. 
Going past it nearly every working day on my way to work.
Merchandises are a way to go.
Prices shown were for Pound, Sing dollars, US dollas, Australian etc.
Even mask would cost up to $75 *ouch*
Colourful apparel
The seat that we went for was about 8rows from the front near the center for $175.
But once we went in, both KS & I was like..err...its not as big as it looks on the map.
Even if we have sat on the upper stage, and save some dough, it would have been just as good.
Those who paid extra to sit near the stage would have been in a disadvantage because the stage was quite high. They would have just seen feet & crank their neck looking up
Upon our entrance to the centre, we say a bigggg egg on stage.
Theme for the show was OVO, meaning “egg” in Portuguese.
Suddenly the whole place went pitch black and bomb!! the egg disappears and appears the insect kingdom
Set in an insect kingdom with dancing ants, flying mantis, lady bugs etc comes to life.
A nervy blue fly drops a mysterious egg into an insect kingdom, which confuses all the bugs no end. The fly then falls in love with a roly-poly ladybird.
Dragonfly.....hand balancing act....alot like pole..kekeke 
foot juggling by a sextet of ants which consist of mainly of pint size chinese girls
I guess the olden days of barrel spinning has been made interested with kiwi and corn. 
Spider balancing on slackwire. Can u cycle or stand on a ladder...whilst ur ground is only a wire
Beautiful butterflies that would bring an "Awww!!" to anyone 
Five spry fleas jump about with flashes of red and yellow as they perform acrosport. 

30mins interval feels a little long
Oh, I was sounded for trying to take photos *bleh*
And they really look after the kids. There were actually cushions available to raise children from their seats for a better view. During the break as well, a spider web was setup on stage.
Spider contortionist which left me in back breaking stunts 
Firefly who flings multiple diabolos - juggling spools 
The question is what is a Slinky Creatura?
I have no idea but it was freaking entertaining
Shake that booty!! 
The crickets' act combines trampoline, powertrack (a long, narrow trampoline used for high-speed tumbling) and "wall". From time to time, the fleas, spiders and ants come out to play as well.
Last but not least, the finale party to end it all.
The cockroaches musicians were so captivating, that made us buy a CD.
A good 1.5hrs entertainment and I guess was worth the money 
The CD I bought 
that consist of tracks from the show

It was a definitely entertaining.
After that, Lammu & Womtoo decided to put on a show as well...sigh

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