Tuesday, June 5, 2012

2012 Jan18 - FKMY Annual Kick-Off - Meeting (1/6)

I've always enjoyed our company gathering. Our Quarterly Sales Meeting and our yearly Dinner.
I've enjoyed chatting face to face with my outstation colleagues whom I usually only talk with them over the phone. And thankfully, an event this big, I don't have to organise it. I rather have fun =p
This year's company theme colour was blue.
Confirm we stand out.

I never liked meetings or trainings. But Sales meeting I'm ok coz I get to update myself on how the company is doing in terms of individual sales and target sales. Weird horr...
Venue was at Le Meridien KL Hotel.
This year's Sports Club committee had organised a shop till you drop at Mid Valley's Carrefour.
Each team was given $100 to spend on. Shopping list was an items for the kitchen, office, toilet, F&B category. The group that spends the closest to the amount wins.
My team came in 2nd or 3rd...forgot. And we got this huge hamper.
Our company picture year 2012
Some quick links to the event

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Anonymous said...

Whoa that sure is a big incentive prize for that meeting. That just gave me an idea for my next incentive meetings - thanks for sharing!