Thursday, May 17, 2012

2012 Jan6 - Bangkok Weekend Trip 2012

The last marathon for the year 2011 was suppose to be Bangkok Marathon.
Mother Nature wasn't kind for Bangkok that month.

Dear All Marathon Runners,

Due to the severe flood in Thailand, the marathon organizer agreed to postpone the 24th Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon race day from 20 November 2011 to 12 February 2012.
So rather waste the expenses, why not enjoy it instead. I've never been to Bangkok before (Pattaya with my family when I was 18). Immigration took us nearly an hour. We chatted with an American man while in the line. He was there for a Physical Education Coach job in one of the international schools.
Once we got out, I was in awe with the airport. Somehow all international airports look so metallic. 
I bought a tour package from an online deal that includes airport transfer (return), 3D2N hotel accommodation and a half day city tour).
Like usual, the cheaper the price is the lower the standard. Don't expect a limo.
A pic of our driver plucking his whiskers while driving =p
All the taxis were pink in colour. Found out that it was coz their King loves pink.
And Thai ppl LOVES their King. 
It was yellow at first due to royalty but due to the political struggle in 2010.
The sign says it all
It has been said that other countries have always thought that Malaysia still lives on trees, while Malaysian such as myself thought that Thailand is a suburban country and not yet developed.
But in truth, when I saw the layers of highways, building structures and vehicles, I thought wrong.
Due to the heavy traffic, even elevated bridges as long as roads for pedestrian walking.
Since in the city, most of the land was covered by traffic & buildings, temples were just built right in front of a shopping mall.
Checked into hotel, P2 Boutique Hotel.
Location was closed to the main shopping areas. 
About 800m walk away, you can get to the famous Platimun Mall, Pratnum Market, Central World etc.
Reception area
Restaurant w FOC buffet breakfast
Our Superior Room 
(we always request for a twin bedding coz i roll alot).
Comes with a entertainment area with flat screen tv
The famous Platinum Mall
It specializes in wholesale fashion clothing and accessories, with four floors of shopping space, packed with some 1,300 shops. And now, there are 2 buildings worth. 
Our first meal in Bangkok was chicken rice. hahahhaa
We're very cautious about what we eat. Especially side stalls.
I had really wanted to try the insect delicacy but no idea where to find them.
The next day, we went on our Half Day city tour.
I can't tell which port is this but that's the Choa Paya River.
Getting onboard with an English speaking tour guide.
We're so bluuueee...blend so well with the seats =p
Lovely weather today
That's a very high class hotel that houses majority of the royalties and celebrities.
Sandbags kept in memory on the recent flooding.
Our first stop was Wat Arun better known as "Temple of the Dawn"
Named after Aruna, the Indian God of Dawn, the Wat Arun is considered one of the most well known of Thailand's many landmarks. -
But instead of seeing the temple first, we were welcome by its tenants.
Reallly fattt dog
Chi Hua Hua, ticket vendor
Yo! Whatcha looking at?
"Keat" talking to Cat
The temple is so named because the first light of the morning reflects off the surface of the temple with pearly iridescence. -
Easier than Batu Caves but still just as steep
Overlooking Chao Phraya River
At the peak of the river, messages left by visitors.
Not all are wishes
One of the rare non-running holidays
Back on the boat again, we passed thru wooden houses.
Seems like the river runs as the central between the new & old Bangkok.
This was a weird sighting.
Had no idea why anyone wanna hang a bear outside.
To dry due to the recent flooding?
We might not be able to visit the Floating Market (too far).
But business goes on as usual at any tourist river
Was told that this lizard can tell when a flooding will occur.
We passed by a few more temples, fed fishes, saw the King's Parade Boats etc.
Then the standard tour package, we were taken to their famous Gems Jewelry factory.
Hmm...i still prefer blue colour diamonds....
Wow...that's just too big...lalalaa...
Next up is the Natural Honey (Bee Farm)
Ok, I agree this is more informative
Even a Big Bee Clinic in the building
Was even tempted to buy honey home after their briefing.
Instead of returning back to the hotel, we asked the driver to dropped a few of us to the famous Jatuchak Plaza. The traffic was crraaazzzyyy. Took us about 1hr to get there. Most of us napped on the van.
Entrance to the market
The map might look straight forward but seriously once you are inside, u have no idea where to go.
We decided to look for lunch first.
Rows and rows of shops.
Target? The pet alley.
Sooo many pompom doggies around. Utterly cute.
I also shopped for my upcoming company dinner costume items.
But we didn't stay for long as the crowd was making me nauseated.
Back to the main part of the city via monorail was really convenient.
On the 1st night, we went for a massage nearby our hotel. It was quite bad for KS coz the lady didn't have enuff strength to massage him & there weren't any men for him. Me? so lah
On the 2nd night, we tried this 7th Sense, so-so rating as well.
I know that massages are really cheap in Thailand but since we were both use to pressured massage, the oil type really doesn't cut it.
Took a night walk to explore Pratnum Market and nearby shops.
Most of the shops starts to close at about 5pm. So keep a look out for NIGHT Market instead.
Some of the stuffs that I bought from Bangkok.
Items I bought for my company dinner, theme Back to School
Always wanted casual jackets. Thinking more towards my working life in Australia.
Can never go wrong with tops & dresses, though you have to really check the quality.
That was our weekend break away.
I've always preferred visiting countries with more culture than shopping.
But Thailand is a place where you must go at least once in your life. 
Be it the city or the beach.


Daniel said...

So so much of Bangkok that you haven't seen! Just temples alone - Wat Pho, What Phra Kaew, Wat Benchamabophit, Wat Saket, Wat Suthat, etc.

If you want really good massage, you should go to Health Land Bangkok. Highly recommended.

Jenn Jenn said...

I know..but its just a didn't have time to do much. Relaxation holiday mah. Sorry to say, to me all temples are alike loh =p