Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dec25 - FKMY Christmas

Our office recently had a Christmas gathering in the office

  The tree was up with lots of gift exchange presents.

 We were all guessing beforehand the selected santa
Our santa was unexpectedly a woman!!!

Santa & Santarina getting ready for the distribution of presents
My gift was one of the smallest. I had asked for 3 items. 
2 of them were ordered online jackets & the last option was a pair of contact lense.
Guess which one i got. darnnn....
The Christmas game was Guess the Christmas Carol....but majority of the songs were not recognised.
I guessed correctly for my group & got a mug
Last but not least, the food galoorreeee

Salivating yet?!!
Christmas present for myself. Actually I never had this custom until I met KS. He's going like every overseas country is having sale during the festivities so it's really affordable.

KS bought me a Salomon pink dri-fit shirt & running shorts. Gawd knows the last time I got myself a pair of shorts. I got myself a running jacket, long sleeves dri-fit shirt (preparing for Tokyo Marathon cold weather), a designer boots from Dino Direct & a colleague gave me a Adidas pink cap.

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