Monday, August 1, 2011

July30 - Dreamstage Korea: Global Flashmob Day (Malaysia)

On a quiet tranquil day. Along the lake of Taman Jaya.
Resting their tired able bodies from fishing

Heard at a distance, music playing from speakers. A group of ppl all dress in white. Its....a flashmob?

Actually, I knew about this hence why I'm here. Came across a facebook page called

Dreamstage Korea: Global Flashmob Day
To summarized what this is about. Dunno who organising a worldwide K-Pop Flashmob as an audition for their respective Hallyu/Korean stars to go to their countries for a stopover/concert etc.

Criteria :-
- Those cities with the most number of participants in their flashmob will receive the best chance to receive a Dreamstage Korea tour stop.
- The presentation of your flashmob event will also be taken into consideration.
Date : 30 July 2011
Time : 3pm (local time) - anywhere around the world
Malaysia representative is registered. Lots of K-Pop fans out there. I did wanted to join but didn't have the motivation to practice on my own =p Also sooo many songs. How to learn & practice all in time '(0_o)
1) TVXQ - Keep your head down
2) TVXQ - Ayyy Girl
3) SDND - Hoot
4) SDND - Tell me Your Wish
5) 4minute -  Mirror mirror
6) 4minute -  Muzik
7) Shinee - Lucifer
8) Shinee - Ring Ding Dong
9) Beast - Fiction
10) Beast - Soom
11) Wonder Girls - Nobody
12) Wonder Girls - Tell me
13) Super Junior - Super Girl
14) Super Junior - Sorry Sorry
15) 2PM - Without U
16) 2PM - HANDS UP
Many supporters too. Including me, of course.
As for KS, the poor thing was dragged along. kekekeke
Various areas was tagged for segregation of groups according to the singers.
There's Beast, 2pm, Super Junior, Shinee & many more.
It's great that the organisers thought about this to avoid "kelang-kabut" aka chaos.
Mind u, the organisers are just.... I believe uni-students.
I can't help but take her pic
And then it began....
I didn't know there were actually local dance groups eg. 
Epsilon, MTS²,KIV, JSY, Re-Do, Dixxon, Norfy and 10 Minutes.
Famous pose from Beast - Lucifer
And to end it with 2PM's latest hit - Hands Up!!!
 See final video from Malaysia here

Let's not forget about the other countries as well





Long live K-Pop!!!

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