Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nov1 - Genting Trailblazer 2009

I knew I was gonna raced did since I missed it last year. After 2008 review, seems like the Women Open had a better chance of getting podium. I decided to asked Lydia to be my partner. I thought her previous partner already had someone else.

I didn't quite remembered the 1st time i did the Genting Trailblazer. I believe it was in 2007 with Keat Seong, but we didn't know anyone then. Now, a big group of us were aiming for something. I still "kena" from Keat Seong for dumping him (as a partner). He got Bee though. Both Ironmans, got reputation to uptake. kekekek

That morning we had to collect our Powerman bibs first before driving to Awana Genting for our race briefing & collection of bibs. Dunno why ppl selling orchids there.

Thankfully I took a picture of the itinerary coz they didn't distribute it

After all the hooha, in the rain, we started walking towards the obstacle site

This is where the run ends & the fun begins
More chest high water puddles & less on muddy area

No one believe I got aircon in my room
Genting "Highlands" is meant to be a cold place

Carbo loading dinner wasn't that great but something to fill the stomach
Lydia had a plate full of salad as dessert...keng

After that, a few of us went to Bee's room coz Keat Seong wanted to talk strategy
Nothing for me & my partner, just run only

our goodies, our prize, finisher & 5th Placing medal

Buddies system (Top : Su-Ann & Poong / Bottom : Kelvin & Meng)

Keat Seong with Bee

Top row : Lynn, Ming, Lynette, Kenny, Keat Seong
Bottom : Chin Chin, San, Bee, Debbie & me

Women Open (L-R Lynn, Chin Chin, me, Lydia, Ming & San
All got podium...ekkekek

One of the most interesting warmup session we attended
Muddy muddy starting area, so misty we had difficult seeing where we were going
I was being so girly trying not to get in the way of flying mud

Teh tarik satu!!

THG united!!!

Terrible terrible weather. It rained the night before so u can imagine how it is in the jungle. My partner, Lydia is 10yrs younger than me & u can tell the difference in agility. We started a 3km run thru the golf course of tar road. Alot of advice to road runners to "pia" this part to get out of the traffic jam. Sorry to say that I bong half way.

Lydia kept telling me to just run thru the downhill & muddy area rather than be cautious about my footing. That way i'll just "glide" thru road. (tat was my sentence), but easier said than done.

The mud, the grime, the slippery slides. That's what describes Genting Trailblazer. Even the rope climbs was tough. Sometimes I cherish a slight traffic jam along the way so that I could just take the advantage to rest.

Lydia was such a great partner. She helped me up the tough terrains, cheered me on, kept me in sight in case of trouble. What really caught me was when she started singing "100 bottles of beer on the wall, 100 bottles of beer. Take one down & pass it around - 99 bottles of beer on the wall". I was too breathless to join in the song.

The worst was the last part, where u could just hear the music playing at the finishing area, then u are detoured to an additional 1.5km before the final challenge : obstacles.

Running thru sinking thick mud : becareful u don't loose ur shoes there

Plunging thru chest-deep water puddles : extremely cold cold water, because u dun get cramp

Obstacle course is great for partnership & teamwork.
I think we had more fun here than the terrain, but Lydia might say otherwise.

After that we cheer on others for their achievement

Michie did this gif. Great pic resulting a bad calf cramp till i fell on the ground

Waiting for prize giving ceremony
wahh!!! Chewie!!!

Love this pic

Rebellious THG

Women Open Competitors
THG Winners & Supporters

Only Top 5 got prize. Genting already "kiamsap" last year Top10 now to Top5
Thanks to Lydia, we got 5th Place

group lunchie before heading back


Lydia said...

nice writeup! was smiling the whole time i was reading it!!

Jenn Jenn said...

glad to oblige but it was definitely fun