Friday, September 4, 2009

July26 - Shape & Men's Health Nite Run 2009

My 1st Shape & Men’s Health Run since they started last year. Last year was held at the standard running spot, Lake Garden but this year, it was at Putrajaya Night Run. I was glad that it was at night but many had stated that its gonna be hot hot hot, even at night.

One of the greatest things about Shape & Men’s Health Run is always the freebies. You definitely get more than you paid for eg. Nature Valley, shampoo, nutrition tablets and also condom. Hey, health & safety comes first.

Putrajaya is great with its building architecture but this also comes as a bad thing during the night coz there’s no rooted trees meaning there’s less oxygen given out.

Rows of tent with services & products for everyone to enjoy. This is a total social run. Even if I didn’t run it, I would just participate at the tents. Too bad there weren’t much for the ladies though. Shape Run is said to capture one of the most participants in Kuala Lumpur, eventhough warning was sent out regarding the H1N1 scarce.

Since I wasn’t going “pia” in this run, I decided to wear my blue wig which I bought from Oz. It was a total sauna but fun. I felt a little lost during the run but I wasn’t worried coz I was running comfy (recovering from previous long bike ride). I was glad to see that most of the runners were actually running rather than walking.

Well, too bad I’m not putting up many of my “after run” pics coz I looked terrible. The was ok being flat at Putrajaya but it was sooooo hot. Really looked like I showered in my own sweat.

After the run, the whole group was standing around waiting for other friends and also a few of our winning runners. Some took advantage of playing around with the wig as well. My precious!!!! About 5 cars convoyed to mamak, breaking about 3-4 traffic laws eg. mainly running red lights.

I timed 1hr 17mins at number 57. Only 80 medals was given out. Phew…lucky. The men weren’t that lucky coz even at 52mins, 80 medals was out. So competitive.

My last run before the Ramadhan month. Gonna official rest for a month before I’m back on my feet.

Pics courtesy : Dunno who, KS, Yin, Victor & myself :p


Yin said...

hehe, nice to see my pix there :) everyone seems to be attracted to your precious blue hair. btw, have you worn it at any other run :P

Jenn Jenn said...

Nopes..haven't worn it for any run before. Rather wear for fun run especially at nite rather than day pia run coz very hot