Thursday, July 23, 2009

July11 - Port Dickson Triathlon 2009 (Day1)

At last, triathlon season has arrived. 1st up was Port Dickson Triathlon.

This was my maiden tri at PD and 1st triathlon for my adopted twin bro, Poh Seng.

Lots of good reviews on PD tri, with its organisation & route.
I was able to locate a cheap & nearby accommodation

Convoying nearly 5 cars, we started our journey. Stopping at a small town for our late breakfast of beef ball noodles. Like usual, we made the most noise.

We scouted abit of the transition area, an eye-opener for Poh Seng as well.
Collected our goodie bags of participant shirt, timing chip, bibs & bike sticker.

Oh, this was also cyclist, Debbie’s 1st triathlon attempt. So shopping was a necessity, especially when ur partner is with u. Can use the excuse as a celebration mah. Crocs was displaying their new croc ‘Re-pair’ or something like that. Also a game, where u are time to hop around the playmate & the person with the fastest time gets a free pair of Crocs. Guess who won for the female category? *wink*

We decided to head towards the beach to try out the water. A good tryout for Debbie & Poh Seng who has never swam open-sea before. Total different experience compare to the pool where u can see the bottom. The surfs makes it worst to breathe, with waves splashing onto ur face each time you take a breath.

We also supported the Sprint Category & Under-12 upcoming kiddies triathletes.

At night, we attended the carbo loading dinner provided for participants. Quite a feast.

Last but not least, the Technical briefing Uncle Chan explaining the dos & don’ts plus the route of the race.
- end of Day 1 -


Mau said...

lucky no one got into an accident coz of lammu :P

Jenn Jenn said...

u said got motorist gip weird look mah