Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oct22 - Don't Duck It Party

Hey u!!!
Did you go for the Don't Duck It Party!! ??

When? Last week on Saturday, 22 October.
Where? Jaya One, PJ, so near only...
What time? Whole day...
Didn't you read my previous blog? *tisk tisk tisk*
Agenda for the day
Well, terrible me. Only popping by during the dinner hour.
Stage is ready for whole day of entertainment
Ducks decorated by respective graphic colleges and up for donation.
*not quite sure how that works*
Last minute purchases of Raffle tickets & T-shirts
KS & I met up with Melissa at Wendy's for lunch *cheapest at the area*
After that we hung around Starbucks to wait for the Flashmob to start
We were given cue to get ready. Lady Gage - Telephone then LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem
Our song, Moves like Jagger will be played right after Party Rock Anthem

Everyone was so anxious even when Lady Gaga's song was being played till I don't feel like its a surprise anymore. More like a performance. oh was fun

Below is dustyhawk video
*I'm all the way in front* kekeke

After that, there was a fashion show modeled by bloggers, breast cancer survivors etc.
Me & Mel
I altered my t-shirt sleeves.
Wearing the kids largest size shirt. 

Once again...a huge reminder to you ladies out there...
Your health is your wealth
Don't Duck It!!!

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