Wednesday, December 17, 2014

2014 08Aug25 - (Day3) - Climbing Mt Fuji

Stone look at 3.30am in the morning
Tried to sleep at 8pm but not like that is possible.
Estimate hiking start time was 5.30am, when the sun rise.
Breakfast that I had bought at a combi.
Rather difficult eating a heavy meal so early morning but I needed the energy.
Started our hike a little later than usual due to the rain. 
Good thing we were prep with raincoat. Don't really like wearing it because eventhough it keeps you dry from the rain, but makes you sweat inside.
After around 20-30mins following the path up from Sato-goya covered with trees, you'll see a split to decent back down to base or summit.
When you start seeing other hikers, you know you are going the right direction.
KS taking a pic of myself (white raincoat) & Ray (black jacket).
Initial climb was alot of sand so i was practically shuffling each slow step.
I could cover 4.3km in like 25mins but hiking is a totally different story.
I prefer rock climbs. It keeps the mind more active.
Reaching the 7th Station with mountain hunts such as Hana-goya, Hinode-kan, Tomoe-kan etc.
KS waiting for us. Taking a short breather.
Passing Hinode-kan mountain hut
Looking down at the climbers.
We are already above the clouds.
KS mimicking Zoro's Santoryu style from One Piece =D
More rocks to climb. Yeah for me!
Some climbs were challenging. 
Especially when holding hiking sticks.
Honestly, the view climbing up Mt Fuji wasn't that fascinating.
Toilet now is no longer 100yen from where you've been ready.
Raised to 200yen. So still stock up your 100yen, just need to pay double.
Another 3.2km to the summit
Still at the 7th Station, we see the Torri-So hut,
Keeping track of time. 
Been climbing for about 2.13hrs for 3.28km
And then we saw a bunch of KIDS!! SHIT!!
They must have climbed & slept at a hut overnight.
Catching up to a crowd in front of us
Ray's not feeling too well here.
It's been hours and he didn't have the stomach to eat anything. 
Woohoo!! Reached the 8th Station (Part1)
Mountain huts such as Taishi-kan, Horai-kan etc.
2.7km to the Summit
We took about 20mins from the 7th station (Part2) station to the 8th Station
Since it rained in the morning, the route became slightly soft but thankfully not muddy.
Show-off KS went ahead of us. 
That's him as a speck.
8th Station (Part2) with mountain huts Hakuun-so and Gansomuro.
Only 1km from the 8th Station (Part1)
Time check. 3.11mins & climbed 4.51km 
This bloody tori gate was such a spoiler.
I was like "we have reached?" NOT! 
Stamping on stick has price increase.
The standard on food too i guess 
KS doing the duck face to such a beautiful & cloudy scenery.
Ray slowly & steady leaving a few "mementos" behind. 
"I'm good! You guys go ahead" 
Starting to get chilly as we went higher.
Need to cover my ears. My hiking cap actually had a flap on the back to prevent sunburn on my neck.
Like good it's doing to this hike.
Management prevention on landslides. 
And then to our left, we see people descending.
We don't descend the same way as we ascent, but that looks kinda easier than climbing up. 
Hello, 8.5th Station.
Mountain hut Goraiko-kan.
900m to the summit 
And then after 400m, we reach the 9th Station.
Wearing my 2nd jacket already. 
This is sight for sore eyes.
Another 200m to the summit. 
Starting to get misty as we were about the reach the top.
We can officially said that we climbed Mount Fuji (Tori gate behind us)
No idea why ppl stuck coins on the tori gate post.
Can anyone translate the words behind us? 
After a few hiccups, Ray joined us. 
See, the pillar again. 
We couldn't see the crater due to the clouds/midst/rain etc.
And it was cold, so we left after like 20mins. 
The torture begins.The descent was sandy and so steep that the risk of falling was so high.
Was so tempted to ask the tractor driver to give me a lift.
Don't forget the descent split between Yoshida Trail & Subashiri Trail. 
Make sure you go down the correct path.
KS was having a tough time descending due to his ankle injury.
I fell on my bum twice. 
 We were going zigzag so often until I saw the map.
Unlike climbing, I'm sweating alot more.
More work going down than climbing. 
The surface is crazy. So slippery. 
Suddenly we got hit by the clouds.
The all important toilet break. And this is only the 7th Station.
Current time is 12.30pm. Lunch time but no stopping. 
Walking into a tunnel then a tractor came passed us.
That's the reason why. 
Flat ground was joyous for the legs.
Ray was way ahead of us. 
Met up with bunch of hikers. 
We're heading down towards 5th Station base. 
This would have been us if we hiked in the afternoon.
Not exactly the ideal weather to hike
Current time is 1.28pm.
Woohoo! The fork between the climb & Sato-goya turnoff. 
This really sucks actually.
Had really wanted to see the base from the turnoff but still need to walk another <1km .="" span="" style="text-align: left;"> 
This is when the mental hits.
Smell the horses, then you know you're home. 
Current time is 1.42hrs 
We took 8,53hrs and climb/descent 14.83km. 
After all the cleaning up and food, we went to the bus stop to catch our bus back to Kawaguchiko station.