Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nov5 - Daniel & Stephy's Wedding

Recently attended Daniel' wedding at Restoran Xi Lai Ton (Sg Chua).
*Map is to Pearl Avenue. Just find Hee Lai Ton Restaurant
This is a link for another couple's wedding held there.

I knew Daniel since...err...actually I don't quite remember.
He used to work at Bike Boutique then now in Specialised Concept Bike shop. 

The easiest way to remember him is that he looks like the South Korean celebrity, Rain.
Well, you might not see it.
But minus the BB cream, the sleek gel hair.
Maybe 40% lookalike?
Anyway, now our Malaysian Rain aka Daniel is no longer single.
Our table was categorised as Triathlete...hahah...
Also table number 33, that's the age I just turned.
Vong Vong Vong & Siok Bee
Lots of catching up with Prakash
Whats with the newspaper??
Seems like our happy couple had enter a contest with our local papers for the most romantic picture.
Typical chinese restaurant, it started late.
But at least we were served nuts to munch ourselves.
Let's welcome the happy couple!!!

FYI, No food pics. Was too busy eating

Why so blur?
Looking for family members for the "yamsing" session.
Actually this pic might look like their kissing but its...err...some fruits hung around Daniel's neck
that Stephy had to eat from. Something chinese symbolising. Oh well...
You work with bikes everyday, you think you can avoid it during your wedding day.
Lucky still can ride after the number of *hiccup* he consumed
Mommy on the lookout so that the happy couple don't over ??? hahhah
The cycling group had 3-4 tables. The crowd jumped together as well to each table.
Like "pasar malam" hahhaha
Cycling group picture.

No one was able to help me take a picture of the Triathlon Group picture.
So just have to wait for the wedding photographer's pictures.
I dunno why I need to squat low. So I look like the shortest here.
Wait, maybe I was coz Stephy's heels should be taller than mine.

May your future ahead be as bright as you are!!!

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