Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oct21 - Pole Stars Asia - Students Showcase 2011

With my current active interest in my pole practices, I participated with my partner, Julie participated at the Collision of Arts on the 21Oct 2011 - Pole Stars Asia - Students Showcase.

Viva Circus together with Publika present a three day fiesta of cross cultural artistic expression brought to life by independent artists for the public to participate in and enjoy. Viva Circus Collision Arts Asia Festival in Malaysia will showcase a myriad of art forms comprising of dance, music, film, fashion, acrobatics, sports and more.

We got to learn our routine 2 weeks before the performance.
After that was 3-4 times a week training to prepare ourselves & most importantly remembering our steps.
I left work 1.5hrs earlier to go home to shower & makeup.
No makeup artist for this rookie.
After a basic run through, we went to the nearest foodcourt for a bite of dinner.
My biggest supporter, whom at first was never keen on me performing in public, but was open to accept changes. 
Love u muchie baby.
Backstage/room was pretty small cramped with performers.
It was pretty warm in here but outside was cold from the downpour.
Thankfully our performance was 3rd which gave us a chance to watch others perform as well.
This is the term "Get it over & done with"

Below are some still pics of our performance.
Love the connection here
Look ma, no hands
Timing was abit wrong from both sides from here on
As long as we get back together for a photo op.
And a perfect finish

For the video performance

Below are pics from the other performers.
Evelin from Groove Studio, Singapore
From the KL Studio
The Crying Bride, Amy Lim
Winner - Exotic Pole Category at the Malaysian Pole Championships 2011
Duo from Groove Studio, Singapore
Sam Chan from KL Studio
Finalist Ultimate Category at the Malaysian Pole Championships 2011
My rate? Ultimately entertaining & awe
Kit & Yen
Winner for Duo Pole at the Malaysian Pole Championships 2011

See below for video

Special invited guest was Tessa Yung
Hong Kong Pole Champion 2010

Last but not least, is the Short & Sweet Performance
Choreographed by Shan aka Nana & Adam

Below are some still pics
The story is as like the title....Android...Love
The question is...Does an Android know how to love?
I so love the shows like the clock ticking...
U can see Lola's legs goes as it slowly opens into a split....just beautiful

1.5hrs of performance might seemed short but for a feels like 6hrs just passed
KS's camera memory card is full

Till next time...happy dancing

15 Nov
Pics which I was tagged in by other photographers

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