Monday, November 14, 2011

Oct29 - Miri Triathlon 2011-Sprint Distance (Day 2)

Saturday afternoon, Sprint Distance

Since I missed last year's race, there was a change in the swim & run route.
Swim was changed to the ocean.
Every year crocodiles keep appearing in the marina.
In 2009, it was a baby, then it grew bigger last year. 
Grandpa this year with many babies????!!!!

2009, KS didn't raced the Sprint so I had my own personal photographer.
This year, since there weren't many participates in his age group & he had trained harder.
He decided to give it a try.
Race was delayed due to an accident on our bike route.
But all is well with fine weather. Just very brown waters. 
The current out was strong making it extra hard to maneuver.
The swim direction was a triangle from left out, swim right, then back (1 loop) 
I just realised that I'm wearing the very same trisuit as in the 2009
KS bought this for me & tri apparels are not cheap.
OK ok...cross fingers I'll get another trisuit by next year.
But only without integrated bra. Do u know how difficult it is to wear / go to the toilet with it
Anyway, everyone did well in this race.
Oh, the transition area was located just outside the hotel, no longer at the marina
Where we run the backway 100m trail to join back the route towards the Seahorse landmark.
I remember feeling the distance & heat in 2009, but now, it feels shorter. 
7th Placing for my age group
9th Placing for KS (training totally paid off) 
Award dinner where like usual the VIP was late
The stupid part was when the VIP asked to give feedback to improve on the event
Everyone was saying "VIP be on time" 
We had to wait for him to arrive before the food is served 
Chit chatting for nearly 1hr...hungryyyy 
But still can camwhore 
We were entertained by the hotel band singing Lady Gaga songs continuously.
2009 was traditional this.
Organisers, please save your money next time. 
Prize giving ceremony
Me - Ladies Sprint Age Group - 21-39 - 7th Placing
KS - Men Sprint Age Group - 21-39 - 9th Placing
Lesley & Chris
Bee & Carmen
empty envelopes
Queuing for our prize $$$
Like my accounts dept
2pcs for me & 1pc for KS
Need more to cover our flight ticket & hotel accommodation

*I only took pictures with my logo on it. The rest were from around facebook . Thank you photographers

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