Monday, October 24, 2011

Oct22 - Hikers Climber, Shah Alam Extreme Park

Recently bought vouchers to the! Our company had recently went for wallclimbing at Camp5, 1Utama.

The voucher price varies from RM17-RM19. 8 of us were suppose to attend this session, after a month of organising. In the end, only 2 of us made it instead.

Hikers Climber is located at the Shah Alam Extreme Park. Just look for the Shah Alam Stadium.
Lots of parking space & breakfast is just around the corner
The main building office
There's a skating/skateboarding ring and futsal building
Just head here to register yourself
(remember to book prior so that they can get ready the equipment)
To occupy your kids, rent a bicycle.
Better yet, bring your own. This is a huge compound.

For our wallclimbing, we were supplied with the neccessary equipment eg. belay set, harness, shoes.
Their shoes are pretty worn out with holes at the tip.
The walls here are much rougher than Camp5, so climbers tend to scrap alot on the walls.
This is what we are suppose to climb...whoooaaa!!!
Oh, and this is the best landmark if trying to find this place.
But don't worry, we are actually climbing the inside part of the sculpture.
This is more towards the beginners climb.
Since we already know how to climb, we didn't need an instructor, just a certified belayer.
The route was fairly easy.
With only the 2 of us and even in between few minutes water breaks, we just couldn't climb for 2hrs.
hahahha...spidey coming down the wall
(no i didn't climb that way, pic is tilted)
That's the max I went.
This is how it looks from the top.
Brought my camera up with me.
Lam's turn
You see the right picture, the trail Lam is on & the trail on the right.
We did the (1) right, then (2) left, then the (3) left trail, blue only, (4) then green only.
(5) Then the right trail, yellow only.
Really quite challenging when climbing only on specific colours.
For the outer walls, are the more experience climbers. There's no fixed belay line for you to climb with.
Climbers have to climb up, then hook, then climb somemore, then hook again.
We took a climb inside the sculpture.
This looks like how we see CSI climbing into the water-drainage below the city =p
If you wan to tie a fix belay line on the top of the sculpture, the climber have to climb thru this to set it.
Shah Alam Extreme Park
There's a flying fox line as well. There's a game for this.
U have to carry 2 plastic balls, then upon ur decent, throw into the yellow pails.
Try & spot the yellow pails in the picture
There was a company having a Mini Amazing Race at the moment.
Different stations were set around the park.
They were given compass for navigation purposes.
This station is called "Kandar" like nasi kandar
Collect 2 pails filled with the lovely teh tarik water
Climb & walk across the bridge until the end, then u-turn back again towards the pond.
There's also a game of paintball going on.
Outdoor paintball with 2 fields, small & big.
One of the stations was the archery. I took advantage by giving it a go.
Outdoor archery is different from indoor
(1) the target is not on flat wall but on the ground with stand, at an angle.
(2) wind & sun factor
Pro at work
I missed on first 2 tries. 1st time was too left. 2nd time was too low.
With these 2 factors countered, I nailed it on the 3rd try. Not a bulls-eye but it was a lucky one.

I would say this is a good place for a company outting.
Get out of the office & get some sun.

Contact Hikers Climber for more info.
Hikers Climber Adventure Team
Shah Alam Extreme Park,
Jalan Lompat Pagar 13 / 67,
Seksyen 13, 40100,
Shah Alam, Selangor.
Tel : 03 - 5510 1787

Business Hours:
Tue - Sun: 9.00am - 11.00pm
Closed on Mondays

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