Tuesday, October 9, 2012

2012 09Sept16 - City to Bay Adelaide

Its kinda nice being in a small private company coz the expenses is lower than the bigger one and you don't get too scrutinise over little things =p

Anyway, we had a team of runners / walkers attending the Adelaide's City to Bay run sponsored.

Its so funny how local runs can also be expensive.
Our walking advertisement shirts..i had the shirt sleeves folded up to prevent shafing at my armpits
The route was 'ciew-kup' flat on the highway from the city to the beach.
My next question was "how to get back?"
Pia race route
Bunch of us were suppose to meet up to grab a group picture but that didn't work
Was only able to find Sandhya and Simon
I went towards the 70mins mark and hope for the best
Running along the main King Williams Street.....the only incline
2km - running passed Victoria Square
Hitting the flat & long Anzac Highway
Let's not forget the 'entertainment'
Supporters along the way...slight chill on a hot day with dark clouds looming
Hey!! I remember them from AVCON...wow...<60mins 12km="12km" for="for" time="time">
Final 1km passing by Glenelg beach...my colleague actually turn off to buy coffee...EPIC!!!
The final stretch to home run!!!
1hr 2mins for 12km....another PB!! *whistle*
normal time i would get 70mins (60mins for 10km then 5mins per km)
Didn't really check out the tents setup...the dogs attracted me more..
then when it started to pour...home beckons
Freebies.....free photo printed at Bupa tent
2nd fastest in my company

Hope more to come!!! Luving it!!!