Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oct31 - Happy Birthday Baby

Due to unforeseen circumstances, while I was away on my Miri Triathlon trip,
I received an SMS from my mom stating that my grandma Popo from Ipoh had passed away.
She passed away peacefully in her sleep.
So the next day, Oct31 Mon, my family travelled down to Ipoh for a day trip to pay our respects.
As I had been away from work the week before, I could only afford to take 1day off.
That afternoon, I had to rush back home coz its also my baby, KS's birthday.
Jammmmm for 4hrs from Rawang to PJ. *sniff sniff*

Anyway, last minute couldn't get KS his favourite food, Pizza.
So we settled for Western instead.
Gomenasai time to get you a cake too
KS pouting coz I took a stab on his fish =p 
Better clean up the wax before eating the fish 
Lau-liah ah....kekekek


K3vski said...

Oh ya hor forgot it was Keat Seong's birthday. So secretive never let people know through Facebook, scared to grow old is it? Hahaha

Happy belated birthday Keat Seong!

Jenn Jenn said...

& he's not afraid to say i'm getting old