Friday, November 4, 2011

Nov2 - Pole tricks

Back to class again after the Collision of Arts performance
& a week away due to the Deepavali holiday.
 Before we started sweating, we were taught this.
Actually, the funny thing was when we see ppl do it, we're like "wahhh!!" that looks really hard
U know how to hold the Wonder Woman pose, then this is actually easy coz it's using the same grip
The only thing that is holding you up is your inner arm at the pole and your side (below the ribcage)
Next up is warming up to our Jade
This is actually an old picture. Hey wait a min. this is not my spliting leg.
No wonder its not straight.
Julie is a yogie (she learns yoga)
Reason for split...grrrr 
Next up is the side split with the flag hold
Lola looks really baby cute with the pokerdot top. Like wearing diapers
Splitty Julie while my sad attempt
Julie trying the inverted split
Until I'm able to do a proper catterpillar climb, I can't even do this yet *sniff sniff*


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