Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mar28 - Fitness Concept (Finals)

well, from the previous preliminary rounds, the champions are selected and invited to attend the final round on Sunday afternoon, the day after Energizer run. Frank got an invite (I was too slow to qualify). And since I was in PJ coz Keat Seong had to work during the weekend, I decided to show my support by showing my face ;p

quiet 1Utama old wing

Thankfully traffic wasn't that bad to 1Utama in the afternoon. Made in just in time with the looking-for-parking-scenario. A total of 9 guys were for the running for the Suunto heartrate monitor.

Elaine, Mic Dolan & Deloris

Janson doing his bid for charity..100km


They were briefed by Elaine & sent to their respective machines. As mentioned before review, 1/2 hr per session where participants spend 10 mins on each machine. Accumulated distances will be recorded and the longest distances wins. Every 1km achieved, RM5 will be donated to the National Heart Foundation of Malaysia by Fitness Concept.

Malaysia's Ultraman, Kannan was the MC for the day. You know Ironman is the swim-3.8km-bike-180km-run-42.2km. Ultraman is twice that distance. Believe or not!

Frank started with the treadmill. Think he was tired from the 42km Energizer run the night before, as his distance wasn't as good as when he did the preliminary.

Then he switched to the crosstrainer. The suffering machine. Majority of these participants are runners, so they seldom use such machine. Eventhough it's just skiing motion, but with resistance 6 and 10mins, that's a very loooong 10mins.

Last but not least, is the upright bike. Need I say, after pushing for 20mins (with 2 minutes rest in between), u'll be freaking tired at this point. Also to get back as much mileage to compensate the distances you lost at the 1st 2 machines.

At last 35mins was ok. 6 sweaty men walking around the area, cooling down, waiting for the results. As for the winner, Frank got 2nd place....from the bottom. Hhahahha...the winner was Cecil, who is also a triathlete. Maybe that helps kuaaaa.

Suunto heartrate & results

As for me, I got bored watching them suffer, I decided to do my share of charity as well. I walked the treadmill. Kannan used me as an example to motivate the public to join in as well. Oh, I bumped into Mic Dolan & Deloris who was shopping around. So I dragged them in as well for a slight exercise. Mic did a jog on the treadmill while Deloris rod.

I accomplished 3km in dunno how many minutes. U ask me to part my $$$ for charity, I'm a little doubtful. If u wan me to do something so that YOU can pay, I'm in for it.

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