Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mar23 - Love World Love Sloggi

What do I love?

…. I love ….
My family
My partner
My job (weird huh)
My supposing Myvi (it actually belongs to my dad)
My sports

So how do you connect loving your undergarments & the world?

Well, it all started with a man (Adam), a woman, (Eve) & some leaves (leaf)

To stop Adam from continuous nose bleeds
With the help of Mother Earth’s creation, Eve decided to cover her “precious” areas
(much to the disappointment of Adam).

As the years, centuries, generations went by

- Adam, too felt a little bit shy about his privates,
decided to cover up as well -
- Leaves gives itch -
- Linen came into place & evolution happened -

Have we ever thought how can our undergarments be environment friendly?
I’m not talking about those edible undies.
I’m talking about how we can still be environmental friendly without having to cover ourselves with banana leaves (coz it’s big enuff) or other recyclable items for modesty.

I’m kinda picky with my lingerie. I want something that I’m comfortable against my skin.

It doesn’t have to be sexy when I’m home in front of my comp, yet still be alluring when I’m out.

Sloggi’s “Love World Love Sloggi is the new Spring 2010 collection with colourful patterns, fashionable designs for fashionable me and most importantly ecologically-friendly fabrics, that still offers comfort and fit for daily wear”.

Well, this totally helps me when I go for those looonng rides on my bike.
I can enjoy my ride and not having to worry about hygiene.

Though I’m sure lots of males around the world would be imagining this when we’re all out in a peloton.

Go Sloggi!! Let’s Love the World Together!!

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