Friday, March 5, 2010

Jan17 - NB Pacesetters 30km 2010

Due to the fact that my Adidas Racer had decided to call it a year, actually i think 2years old, I thought it was time to get a new pair. I've always been a loyal supporter of New Balance, but they lack racers. So other options came into place, Adidas, Newton, Asics, Brooks etc.

And just coz KS said that Chrissie Wellington wears it, so can i...hahaha...

In the end, I didn't get the same model as Chrissie Wellington wears. I opt for the Racer ST4 which has a been support on the heel, so it's heavier. Plus it was the same colour as my top that I wore on that day.

The not-so-wise idea was wearing it on the next day at the NB30km race in KL. A new pair of shoes has to be worn for about 10km-20km before a race or else its a disaster waiting to happen. Well, i kinda wore it for nearly 6hrs. I know I know....stubbornness resides in me.

Parked at Bukit Aman, making sure that we didn't leave our valuables in the car, prior to the last facade of break-ins. Met up with a few friends. I think this is my official 30km run coz I remember only doing the 20km about 2years ago. Damn, I missed alot being away for nearly a year.

I believed at first the race was suppose to be held at Putrajaya then it was moved back to KL, much to everyone's delight. Something about Putrajaya BOD not wanting too many happennings in their beautiful city -this is my quote-

It was the usual run from Padang Merbok towards the Hartamas, then back again. But with the additional loop towards a new housing area. I was feeling the heat once i reached the 20km mark. Well, it's my fault for not training more than 21km.

I remember KS told me that eventhough it seemed like u're running towards the finish line aka Padang Merbok, but you would have another 4km detour to go. And he was sooo rite, u actually run pass the field where u feel ur legs is gonna to tumble. Another round towards Bank Negara then gawd-knows-where. At this point, I really didn't care much.

I crossed the mat timing 3hrs 11mins. Ok lah for someone who didn't train lsd.

Klass, KS dutch ex-boss
Can easily spot him in a sea of ppl..kekeke

THGers Finisher shirt...nice

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