Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mar25 - Fitness Concept (Preliminary)

My friend, Elaine from Fitness Concept invited us for her company roadshow at One Utama from the 23-28 March to test out their machines, and also for every 1km achieved, RM5 will be donated to the National Heart Foundation of Malaysia.

But what caught me was the Indoor Triathon event session twice a day using their Reebok V7 treadmill, Upright Bike & Crosstrainer. 1/2 hr per session where participants spend 10 mins on each machine. Accumulated distances will be recorded and the longest distances wins.

I planned on a Thurs evening dragging Poh Seng & Frank along with me. The weather was unpredictable where it rained while on the way to 1U. I got worried that I'll be late for the 730pm session. Illegally parked and made it in time, though the session was delayed as the DJ needed to go makan. Hey!! We also belum makan woi.

A triathlon consist of 3 types of sports. Swim-Bike-Run. I see the treadmill for run then the upright bike for the cycle but what about the swim? Seriouly the Crosstrainer is NOT swimming. Sighhh...

We started off with the treadmill. I paced myself pretty well but 10mins sleep long too. I only achieved 1.9km. Started sweating already. Loved the machine coz of the fan. It even had a SD-RAM card slot for you to listen to your mp3 and the fan. Oh the lovely fan.
Next was the crosstrainer, which was set at resistance 6. It was tough for me at the start, I couldn't even push my legs forward. Would have been easier if I had went backwards. Dun remember my distance.

Last was the upright bike. This is NOT a normal bike position. Eventhough the saddle was totally gel but its just not the right position. My butt was even more sore and I was too use to using my forefoot to step on the pedal. Meaning I totally sucked at this machine. Anyway, I was singing along with the DJ's music instead. "I got a feeling!! That tonite is the good nite!!"

In the end, I achieved 17.5km whilst Frank 19.4km. The 3rd racer was Jeffery who won at 20.5km. Oh well, it was for charity. My prize was a Horley's Carb-Less bar which doesn't work for me ;p

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