Monday, March 29, 2010

Feb22 - Shape up with Mr Energizer

I know i know, I was suppose to come up with these like wayy before the run, but u know me lah.

Well, here goes ..............

Energizer was one of the most interactive organised run on Facebook where lots of runners or would-be runners would express their opinions or preference. And to attract more people to join in the publicity, Energizer organised a get-together with the runners for selected few to "Shape up with Mr Energizer".

Venue was at Celebrity Fitness at Mid Valley. I decided to gather 2 other ladies, Michie & Elaine to join me on the craziness. Planned on our attire on skirts & blue tops.

Like usual, the camwhore me decided to wear the blue wig & to celebrate the tiger year, tiger ears came out to join in the fun.

3 gals brought along 3 guys supporters. It's the other way around this time. :D


ironladies...not me anyway

group picture

At location, we registered ourselves & stood around for the briefing. At the fastest time, we were to :-

row x 10times

run x 1km

cycle x 1km

bench press x 5times

squats x 10times

situps x 10times
chinup x 5times
bench dips x 5times

Too bad the threadmill that Michie ran on was sucky. Michie actually ran faster than the machine. Wasted alot of time on it. While Michie did the run, Elaine on the bike, I was ok with the gym stuff.

We came in 7th placing. Champions were the least expected winners but then they know how to work the machine, expertly. Kudos to that.

42km runners

21km runners

Of course we didn't go back empty handed. Goodie bag consist of shaver, Celebrity fitness voucher, energizer bottles & we took a few bottles of Gatorade back too.

But most importantly, we all had fun.

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