Friday, March 26, 2010

Mar14 - Bareno 15km Run 2010

I don't normally write race reports so quickly but then this was an exception. I just ran the Bareno 15km at Bukit Jalil this morning. It started ok I guess. We were able to locate a parking space outside the main carpark. Met up with Frank & bumped into my ex-collegemate, Nic who had not been in the scene for 5years.

Check-in was just dumping ur card into a box. Bareno info sheet said that the stadium had opened its toilets to the runners, which is only at 1 location, no port-a-loos. The whole place was soooo dark. I couldn't even properly see where I was going. Plus the exercise demo didn't even had a spotlight on them. Bareno sells Kitchen & Bathroom stuffs, so they took this opportunity to place their bathtubs around the center court.

Since it was not a timing chip start, everyone rushed to the front to get better time. A few Ironmans were out at full force eg. Keat Seong, Kevin Siah (who's back from Perth for a weekend event) and Yip (wow! 1st time see him at a road race). Yip was able to convince his bro, Eric to join us as well. hahahha... Frank & Tey was photographer of the day.

The route started off pretty good. NO complains for nearly 45mins. It took about 1.14mins to get out from the stadium. Reminds me of Macau Marathon. Here's where the complain starts.

1) First Aid - i remember seeing someone puking at the side of the road. So who's there to help? Ghost Aiders...habuk pun takde

2) KM Markers - the only distance marker I saw was 4km more to go...gee thanks...

3) water station - this is located at every....I have no idea. We were only told 3 water stations for the 15km run. It felt like 2nd water station was at 7km then last was at 13km...whats the point of taking my gel at 7km when it's too early, then at 13km when it's too late. NO comment though if there was lack of water.

4) The PARK!!!! - i am totally speechless about it. I was going pretty well until we were directed to a park, where it was up up up & zigzag. Then I told myself, bull...i'm walking this. Anyway, i was tapering, but still. Oh, the 4km mark was at the entrance of the park. So it was a pretty looonngg 2km to get out.

5) courteous runners - 2 lane housing area. I was running on the right side to keep away from the others. Looked over my shoulder, a car slowly crawling next to me. I was surprised, quickly went to the side. Then shouted to the ppl in front "Car back, keep left". If only someone did that to me. Maybe we just learn this when cycling coz we look out for each other.

6) Traffic - when i came running out from the park, another 2km back to the finishing point, honks from the traffic, I was frustrated already at this point. I was waving my arms & shouting "yeah, like that's gonna help. keep it up". I was glad I wasn't the only one. Sorry to everyone else who didn't feel the same. Actually I think that the organiser should have made a detour sign somewhere to warn the cars that there's a roadblock ahead. It'll definitely helped me if i was a the driver.

Poor Nyan was not permitted his finisher items. He's fren helped him collect his bib, fren arrived late, Nyan was faster than him, so no bib, no finisher medal....darn

KS was happy that I ranted about the race more coz then I won't at him. Funny I didn't see the other THGers around. Kinda miss the group appearance. This time no THG group picture loh :( Thanks to Frank, Irene, Tey & Victor for their support & great to see Lynn & Chin Chin too.

* most pictures were taken by Frank

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