Sunday, July 3, 2011

May8 - Mother's Day 2011

I know I know a huge jump from March Seoul trip till May. Been freaking busy, and just collating my photo albums only. Dunno why, must need time & mood to actually sit down to update blog. Writer's block?

Anyway, now that we're in the month of July, Mother's Day in May seemed like just last week. It has been proven that Mother's Day is more celebrated compared to Father's Day. Maybe because mom's complain more if they are not appreciated. Hey, I would too, if I was a mom. Dad is pretty a simple person. Leave him alone in front of the TV, peace & quiet, he's happy. kekeke....

Mom had been stating a couple of times how come KS don't treat "makan" the family for makan. So kinda took this opportunity instead. Mom's a vegetarian, so that makes it even more difficult. So it's either vegetarian restaurant (to KS dismay) or a buffet so that all of us have a variety.

Read the newspaper, then saw Vegas "Rod Stewart" will be performing in Sunway Resort Hotel in conjunction to Mother's Day. Hey, I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone. "Rod" can serenade to my mom whilst my dad can enjoy his favourite singer's songs.

Priced at RM98++ per person was kinda cut throat but heck, this is money making. Our seats wasn't that great since it was a last minute decision. But then found out it was a good thing we didn't sit right in front of the stage of the portable speakers were blasting there.

 Well, being a renowned Vegas artist, he did a pretty good spot on imitation of the real Rod. Even the artist name rhyme; Rob Caudill. In regards to the buffet, you can surf limitlessness review on Sunway Hotel's Sun & Surf's food.  Just glad able to accommodate 6 full grown adults picky appetite.

 "Rod" would walk around the floor interacting with the audience. Mom was anxiously waiting for him to come down. And I got the camera ready.

 As for my brothers, they were of course bored. Hahah...not the right generation. I went surfing on my phone for lyrics. I grew up with the songs blasting on my dad's record player.So I do know a few songs. Kena called old woman pulak. Blek!!!

The most unthinkable thing happenned. "Rod" walked towards the side of the stage & towards our table. Hurried to get the camera ready, mom was ecstatic and dad was squashed in between. I think maybe "Rod" was us singing loudly along with him.

All in all, it was a pretty for luncheon. We didn't stay back for a photo session with "Rod" coz of the long queue. But mom went chatting with the organiser, asking if they'll be other Vegas entertainer coming. Elvis maybe? Dropped my business card into the bowl for future notification.

Objective of the event : celebrate Mother's Day, family bonding, a full stomach lunch & everyone was happy.

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