Monday, July 4, 2011

June5 - New Balance 15km 2011

KS & I have been distancing ourselves for local runs this year so save up for more overseas races instead. Also the fact that the local races are becoming more expensive. But when the annual New Balance 15km came up, we just had to go for it. Maybe to support Pacesetter Malaysia. Trust a running committee to organise a good running event.

This year's event was held at Putrajaya. "Covering an area of 4,932 hectares, Putrajaya is the administrative centre for the Federal Government which epitomizes the vision of a modern Malaysia with the latest infrastructure and modern facilities." -

But truthfully, Putrajaya is pretty much an athlete's heaven & hell.  Heaven because of the lack of traffic. It's too far from Kuala Lumpur plus there aren't many major shopping malls here. Hell is because of its infrastructure of building & lack of greenery. So not many shelters can be found. You can practically feel the heat rising from the tar road.
New Balance 15km is not a really big event like the SHAPE Run (also same venue) but using up the whole highway. This is a pure runners game. U wanna win. Against your opponents and yourself.
What's my objective? To get a good time at my 10km mark. Target was training for PD Tri. Got a 54.31min for my 10km. Then after that, I relax. Shhhh..don't tell KS. Started to walk/jog after that.
KS timed 1:15:53
The final 2km stretch I started picking up my feet. Another 100m, I saw Mich, Yip & KS cheering for me, stating I have a position. For a Pacesetter event, it's not easy getting a position coz many really good runners there.
Medal shaped like the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC)
I call this Putrajaya Spaceship. Click here to see how it really looks like.
 Oh, I got 9th Placing (out of 10th). Phew, close call. Got lectured from KS for walking. Caught.  =p
Won myself a RM100 voucher from New Balance. shoes?

As for my results, got a Personal Best (PB) for my 15km of 1:24:07 mins.
My previous fastest time was 1:30mins.


P/S : Pics courtest from Tey, QQ Snaps, Moey & Gary Goh

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