Sunday, July 3, 2011

Apr24 - Tribute Ride for PK Yeoh

Sporting is actually a pretty big world. There are so many types of sports out there such as badminton, tennis, cycling, running etc. If we pick just one sport, then it narrows down & becomes a small world.You might not know, the cycling "kaki" on your Tuesday night's ride actually just lives right behind your house.

But when news of a fella cyclist got into an accident & died, that would definitely make take heed. Mr PK Yeoh. I don't believe I know him at all. Maybe an acquittance during a cycling event. KS said he had met him before at Bike Pro. 

How did it happen? What I hear, it was one of those weekend morning rides. He was late in joining the group start. So he made along his own heading towards MEX Highway. Suddenly a car came from him & hit him. I heard it was quite a gruesome hit. He had died on the spot. The driver (car) said he did not see the cyclist, but in our sports, No Helmet No ride. And tailights is compulsory for early morning & night rides. As an experience rider, I'm pretty sure PK knows this. But it is believed that the driver was sleepy as it was really early in the morning. U know us riders, start early to avoid the hot sun.

On the 24 April, PCC (Pedalholics Cycling Club) had organised a tribute ride for PK Yeoh. We gathered at a rest stop along MEX highway. Spotted a few familiar faces but many strangers. Not only road riders, but also MTB & family members as well.

 Yes, even though this was a tribute ride for the dead, but is it what that brings us together.

 Photographer, Janice & Jamie decided to capture the scene rather than ride. Hence all the great pics. Also courtesy from BaikBike

 Flowers were brought along for the tribute as we'll be riding towards the scene of the accident.

 Mr Boon Foo, owner of the infamous bike shop where-everyone-knows-your-name, Bike Pro, even join the tribute.

As this was not a race or a normal every weekend ride, no one gets left behind. First gathering point was at the Tol before we make a U-Turn heading back towards Bukit Jalil side.

 In life, everything has it ups and downs. Same goes with the road we cycle on. U work hard getting thru a hill, pushing & grinding your teeth, then enjoy the free flow of downhill on top of that hill.
 As the ride wasn't the conventional ride, it started later than usual plus include the gathering time, the sun was shinning down on us.
 At the scene, we could still see the skied marks made by the car. We were provided with flower petals then a moment of silence to pay our respects. Death is always a sad moment even though I try to cheer myself from it.
What a year. With my late boss, my uncle and now PK's early departure. God (no matter what religion) is just impatient to see his child. Just think that they have went to a better place. Just remember them in our hearts and mind. And they are with us in spirit.

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