Sunday, July 3, 2011

May13 - FKMY Cycle Action Plan (Q2) Meeting

Every quarter (4 months), my company would have a meeting with all the department incl outstation sales staff. The last time we gathered was during our Kick Off meeting in January. During the meeting, sales figures are reveal, Top sales person, and training for relevant products for respective sales reps.

The premier award winners from last year (minus me) sang a song for everyone. Gimme Gimme Gimme by ABBA. Lyrics was changed abit but the chorus is something lik (don't remember the whole thing)
Gimme Gimme Gimme, more money till December
Give me back my incentive
Gimme Gimme Gimme, more money till December
Please make our company trip not in Malaysia.

Mainly because the past 2 years, from when I've worked, company trip has been in Malaysia due to low on sales. Last year (2009) was in Langkawi. Alot of money spent there even though in Malaysia. This year (2010 sales was in Sunway Hotel). Cross fingers for next year somewhere out of Malaysia.
 Quarter 2 babies
 Company dinner was at Rakuzen, Empire Shopping Mall (next to Subang Parade). Not many food pics coz I was too hungry to bother. kekeke
 We kinda took up like 10 tables. It was set dinner, so food just kept coming. There was a scenario when my colleague wanted to order beer. So he asked GM, GM said to ask PA since PA organised dinner. PA said to ask GM's permission. Hhahaha....its like when I was young. Who to ask your tuition fees from? Your mom or dad.
Sports Club President, Han Seong surrounded by ladies. I don't mean to sound mean, but by looking at the picture, you can spot the colour shades of the ladies. From left, the darkest to somewhat lightest on the right.

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