Monday, July 4, 2011

June4 - Pet World 2011

My 2nd time going for the Pet World Expo. First time was nearly the same time held at Mid Valley Convention Centre. Always thought of bringing Tara along then she can easily make friends. But then with her hare-wire personality (like her owner), I'll just save myself and not. Plus KS can't get over the picture of the cat on the poster.
 Ohh.....fat cat
 I've always enjoy watching the Dog Obedience demo/exam. Kept telling myself, maybe I should send Tara to class. That "maybe" kinda lasted since last year, and maybe many more to go. Anyone willing to sponsor us a course? *blink blink* It's gonna be like "Marley & Me".
 There are the pets that are so cute you could just cuddle them & never wanna let them go
 "I might be ugly but you know I'll always be there for you"
Bulldog Mastiff
*Total speechless*
With all the noise, this little fella still can sleep.
Must be very tiring to be cute.
 2.5halls : 1 hall full of dogs, another had dogs & cats then the 0.5 hall has the miscellaneous animals like this fella. Need any makeup tips eg. black eyeliner. This white fella is the person to see
 Arrrgggh!!! Please mommy!!! Can I take him home?
And back to reality, Tara has months worth of snacking. FOC too..phew..
ok ok.. just RM5 per entry to the expo.

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