Monday, June 11, 2012

2012 May13 - Mother's Day Classic Run

Due to the fact that I'm alone, (with very few frens in a strange city), 
I'm always in a lookout for things to do to occupy my time, then I won't feel so lonely. 
Every fortnight I would surf City of Adelaide website to see the happenings around. 
Coincidentally, I saw a Mother's Day celebration run on their website.
But being the stingy aka "kiamsap" me, I didn't feel like paying $30 for 7.5km.
Alot of things in Australia are considered charity, but as I am unemployed, I'm considered a charity case too.
With the lack of funds, I volunteered my services to charity instead.
Few days before the event, we all gathered at their office for briefing.
I was allocated to the Goodie Bags Distribution station.
That night as well, we helped to packed up Goodie Bags.
Lots of pamphlets, rolled up shopping bag and a medal.
That very morning, I left the house at 620am as we were expected to meet up at 7am for final briefing.
But at last, the unspeakable happened. I got a flat. 
You might think that a cyclist like me would know how to fix a flat. But since this is a normal hybrid, and all my tools are still in M'sia, there's nothing much I could do but slowly cycle then push the bike to the city.
I was about 45mins late. Thankfully weather was beautiful with a slight chill.
The crowd of pink on a cloudy day.
Waiting for our customers
That's the Finishing Line where the racers would come thru. 
This is the first time I'm seeing this view coz usually I would be the one charging thru those gates.
Didn't grab a picture during distribution as I was busy "working".
Lots of smiling around. Encouraging words. I remember the time when I ran in Tokyo Marathon.
The volunteers would greet everyone with their 45deg bow and say their congrats speech.
Once the last of the runners had cleared, volunteers were relieved from our duties.
I wondered around to see what was left. massage. The masseurs were really trying to finish up.
2 masseurs on each leg
Our appreciation? FOC breakfast...thank you
I love a good aussie sausage. Simply delicious.
We were also provided a pinkie goodie bag. Yeah!!
Its so funny. We got blue shirts instead of the standard pink.
But then I realised it was a wise choice coz it made us standout more.

Would I do this again next year? I don't mind...but then KS might have me doing my long runs instead on a Sunday mornings =p

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