Tuesday, June 5, 2012

2012 Jan18 - FKMY Annual Dinner - The Start (2/6)

The theme was "Back to School". Lots of people were thinking about kinky stuff already with really short skirts & high knee socks. But it was simple, as we can easily "korek" / dig for our old uniforms, borrow a pinafore from our sis etc.
Agenda with voting sheets
Stage Backdrop
This year there was an extra game by submitting our old school pictures.
Then guessing which of them are our colleagues. Alot of unrecognized faces
This year's Top 10 Lucky Draw prizes
The was even a school bus poster outside.
I remember I had wanted to do this last year's dinner. Last year's theme was "Swinging 60s & 70s". 
So I wanted a hippy van, but it wasn't within budget.
Our committee & MC for 2011/2012.
My first costume was a Cheerleader.
Sewed the whole thing myself. Wasn't as easy as I thought.
Even sewed the company logo on my chest.
To my disappointment, I left my pom poms at home.
I'm not joking!!!
Presenting the management team.
From left : Soo (GM), June (PA), Lisha (HOD). Shirley (HOD), Vienna, Guan Lin (FC), Philip (HOD)
Every quarter, there's a cake to celebrate the quarterly babies.
Jan-Apr babies
Started off with opening from our General Manager.
Don't believe leh...alot of ppl don't
Next up is our current Sports Club President
My table...cheers!!!
(ignore the fact that I've changed costume, pic was taken later)
Our dinner usually falls in January so it's close to Chinese New Year.
This is the customary " loh yue sang" meaning mix raw fish. I believe it's a Malaysian/Singaporean custom.
Read more here
Can u see my eyes?? kekekek
Pic with one of my product manager, Mee Ching
From left : Amy, Pathma, Ruzaini, Han Seong, me, Pui Mun & Mee Ching
That's my GM's boss with Soo.
Let's begin the night!!!

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