Tuesday, June 5, 2012

2012 Jan18 - FKMY Annual Dinner - The End (6/6)

Suddenly got called up to stage to catwalk coz of my 3 costume change : Cheerleader, Burlesque & Student

Get ready for some camwhore!!!
Got a flower from Prez Kevin
Pic with my General Manager, Soo
Pic w my Product Managers, Mee Ching & Ai Hiong
Left : FC, Guan Lin
Right : Philip, Lam & Ping Ping
Finance & IT Team
Fred, Guan Lin, Celeste, Wendy, Ping Ping & Paulyn
Marketing Team
Me, Mee Ching, Lam, Sim Leng, Kristina, Ai Hiong & Wai
Mustn't forget our boss, Philip
Sales team (partial)
Medical Device (minus John Gary in the middle & Geraldine in blue)
Han Seong, Kevin, Joelyn, Shirley
Management Team
Sports Club Committee 2011/12
Sports Club Committee 2012/13
My 3 costumes of 2012
Thanks for scrolling!!!

Some quick links to the event

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