Thursday, June 21, 2012

2012 June6 - Queen's Birthday Fun Run

Not really been active in my workout since I got here. 
Guess with the lack of motivation and races, and the weather really plays a huge part, I could barely get myself out of the house.
Yeah yeah...excuses =p
When I saw this, I was like hey...its a nice short run nearby. 
5km for $10
Remember when I said that "barely wanna get out of the house"?
Well, since registration was only on the morning of event, the night before I was actually having 2nd thoughts. 
I could do an easy 5km near my $$$
Anyway, was able to convince myself to go for the event.
9'c temperature cycling to the venue in the morning is no joke.
By the time I arrived, my hands & feet was numb from the cold.
School kids trying out for the junior olympian
How can they bare the cold? Brrr...
The route was just around the park x2 rounds.
Food (not free) after the race
There's a Turkey contest for the 5km distance.
You predict your finishing time & the closest wins a prize.
Of course, you aren't suppose to be wearing a watch or time yourself during the run.
I gave myself a time of 30mins for 5km coz that is generally my time.
But I forgot tat majority of my "serious" runs consist of water stations =p
Asking someone to help me take a picture
One of the sponsors was Adelaide Triathlon Club
Lucky me...I might not had qualified for the Turkey contest but got a lucky draw.
Prize choices was either a sports water bottle, a bottle of wine or this Race Pack
Yeah yeah! Everyone would be shouting that I should have taken the wine..hahah need spend money buying gels on my next long distance race
As for my results, 4 mins difference....I sure take alot of time lingering at water stations =p

Next big race....
Sept - City-Bay

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