Friday, March 30, 2012

Mar24 - 1st week in Adelaide

Don't worry, I wouldn't be making an entry each week I've been here. That'll make it tremendously lonnnng, while impatiently waiting for KS to join me in mid-June.
This is Victoria Square. Pretty much the center of the city. 
I had expected to be hit with the Autumn cool weather, but it was freaking hot.
Compared to M'sia, it's burning & dry rather than humid. 
Chinatown & Chatime 
In regards to my accommodation, M'sia houses are made of generally bricks.
Detached, Semi-detached, bungalows. 
Australian houses are made of wood. So that it can be easily torn down & rebuilt.
With the help of, I was able to find a room in a suburb, 20mins away from the city by bus. 
My housemate is an Australian guy. Once a child reached the age 18years, they move out of their parents house, unlike us Chinese. He was pretty particular about choosing a housemate. Even had a contract.
I'm pretty flexible. As long as I don't sign a lease (don't wanna be tied) and that KS is welcome to stay when he arrives. The Pros is that the rent will not be raised. Bills will be divided accordingly.
Cons to this place is the timber flooring, its pretty noisy and the toilet is next to my room. Tahan! Tahan!

It was an unfurnished room for $175p/w. Which is pretty expensive for a solo person. But I was taking the bigger room. And it's more affordable when KS comes over. I had purchased a bed via Queen mattress w frame, quilt & whole bedsheet set for only $120. Total deal!!! 
I took a trip to Glenelg via tram. Only 20-30mins away from the city.
This is the nearest beach in Adelaide. Everything is actually pretty near here. 
The hot sun & blue sky 
The street was full of shops. I actually bought a knit wear for $10...temptation!!! 
I was introduced to a cycling fren (Chee Mun)'s sister, who is residing in Adelaide with her family.
Actually, she was moving house & needed to get rid of stuff. 
Check it out!!! 
From only having a bed, I bought floor lamp, laundry basket & chair from Ikea. 
I got from Wai Kuan a table, rubbish bin, clothes airier, drawers, stools, mirror, fridge, dining table & chairs.

I'm still surprise...all this in 1week!!!
Let's not forget about my backyard!!!

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