Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Apr1 - Adelaide Indofest 2012

My first official outting in Adelaide would be the Indonesia Festival aka Indofest on April Fool's Day.
How did I get to know about it? Saw them setting up the tents as my bus was going by. Actually you can find out more info on what's going on at the City of Adelaide website.
Running on the 31Mar (PM) & 1Apr 2012.
Upon entrance, I was provided a pamplet & a sponspored Mi Goreng cup.
Hmm..something for my late nite snacks since I doubt I can find mamak around here.
Booths were setup providing information on Indonesia. 
The country, culture, language etc.
Let's not forget a little bit of Aussie ie. coffee
We were entertained with their traditional music at the Music & Dance workshop
Then it was time for lunch for me. kekekek..always pick the perfect time to experience their authentic cuisine.
Does the word "malang" means differently in Indonesia?
Coz in Malay language, it's known as Bad Luck....hmmm
My lunch was Lamb rendang with briyani rice & dessert of blackbean w coconut milk.
Thankfully, I brought my container with me coz the rice portion was huge!!
At the main stage, lots of people sat to be entertained.
Mainly dances though....oh, the Aussie MC can speak perfect Indo language.
Which is also something like Malay language but with a deeper accent.
Not sure what dance this is but seems kinda malay with the kebaya & baju melayu.
Very colourful & graceful
Mo-lah...we love the outdoors here
This totally get the kids entertained.

And what did i learn today?
errr....darn...I had that answer ready somewhere =p

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