Friday, March 30, 2012

Mar17 - Welcome to Adelaide

Bought my flight ticket with MAS. AA doesn't fly to Adelaide, not sure if that's considered a good / bad thing since my body needed a rest with budget airline seats, but that also means that it's not really cheap to fly back too frequently.
Flight out on Mar 17 (Saturday). Would be easier for KS to see me off. We took the KLIA Express train 25mins ride. I didn't cry (I couldn't stop waving when I went thru customs). I remember this feeling. Something new. Alot of baggage customs check. I was worried coz I had my big backpack, 1 handcarry bag, jacket & my softtoy, Lammu. Gotta play it cool, imagining my bag was as light as a feather (heavy leh w tab & netbook). 
I thought I would pretty much get a good 3/4 seats to myself for a good night sleep. Think again. It was a full flight!!! Thankfully the seat next to me was empty, but its not easy to stretch out w only 2 seats.
I had Burger King with KS for dinner at the airport, then on the plane we were served dinner as well. 
One of the things I like about expensive airlines is the food & in-flight entertainment. I remember searching for the movie New Year's eve in KL, at last found it on the plane. Took a 3hrs zzz then was served breakfast. My body was too tired to eat. 
Upon arrival, customs in Australia is very strict. After past experience, I knew there were somethings eg. chinese medicine, instant noodles etc that I don't have to bring. Thankfully, they let me thru the green lane without scanning my bags.

Once I got out, after much research, I bought my SkyLink ticket for $10 to take me to the my hostel. As I was walking towards the gate, I noticed a familiar looking van driving away. Next thing I knew, looking at the schedule, the next van is in 40mins. I was already too tired, so I took the taxi anyway. Cost me $22, airport is only 20-30mins away from the city.
I made my booking online at $27 p/n for a week at an all ladies dorm (4beds). No advance payment required. Pay upon arrival. I wasn't quite given a proper introduction when I arrived. Just notified where was my room. Since I arrived like 9something in the morning, I dozed off to sleep.
Being a dorm, I expected it to be noisy. Well, since outside my room was the computer room, there was lots of typing sounds. At about 1030am, the staffs started vacuuming and changing the bedsheets. 
Explored the hostel abit. Don't quite have a picture of the computer section which faces the front part of the main road towards the 2 balcony & downstairs is the reception area. Walking towards the back are the various rooms; twin, mixed dorm, double and triple. Then the kitchen & TV area. 
The laundry is located on the right side along with the female & male toilets. Left side also has female & male toilets with 3 bathrooms.
I've stayed at backpackers before, so this is actually more private/quiet. Since I wasn't a tourist, I stayed indoors most of the time. Oh, not forgetting free WIFI. Looking for place to stay & emailing out my CV for work. The hostel arranges many tours around. 20mins walk to the main part of the city. And there's a 24/7 gas station with 24hrs subway available.
This was taking from the hostel toilet window (that's netting).
Why is it so freaking hot when it's suppose to be heading to autumn?

Gambante!!! Fighting!!

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