Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mar 11 - Farewell BBQ & baby bro's birthday

Happy 22nd Birthday baby bro...
tai-kor-chai loh

Organised a BBQ with a few friends. Like usual, it was potluck, not like i can cook anything =p
Jenn - sausages, potatoes for maid to mash and lamb.
KS - pizza
Carmen & Lesley - salad
Yip - satay
Grace - fried chicken dumpling
Mich & tomato - apple crumble w ice cream
Bee - fried chicken wings
Lee & Yap - noodles
Since bro had bbq previously with his frens, I turned him into the chef (forcefully) keke... 
Of course, he had an assistant to help him....finished the food 
I didn't quite sit to talk much coz organiser tends to wonder around more 
Food galoreeeee!!! 
After that I brought everyone into the house for dessert 
KS missing in this pic coz he working (on-call) in my room 
Had to pull him out for this pic before everyone started leaving

Thanks all for coming....will really miss you all!!! Luvssss

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