Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mar15 - Farewell w my colleagues at Fresenius Kabi

Several farewell sessions with my ex-colleagues at Fresenius Kabi

Korean restaurant in Sec14 with the Finance girls & Lengchais Han Seong & Wai
Dimsum at Jaya33 with the Marketing team & boss, Kristina (german lady) 
this pic includes Lam in it 
Kristina was to be based in Sydney for 2months, so on the day before she left, she baked us an apple crumble pie....there's always food in the office...yumyum 
Lunch with the marketing team again & other departments 
Sooooo gonna miss authentic chinese food 
Lam, Pathma, John, Ai Hiong, Fred & Mary 
Marketing team : Mee Ching, Ai Hiong, Wai, Sim Leng & Lam

Last year, due to the unfortunate death of Eng Hua right after our Annual dinner, the 2010/11 Sports Club Committee didn't have our appreciation dinner. Thankfully our Advisor remembered us this year along w the 2011/12 committee.
Wai & Amy 
From left around : Celeste, Cathrine, Geraldine, Fred, Cher, Wai, Amy & Yun Fen

My walk around the office....alot was not around since I left right before lunch 
Wai..don't forget red card ah 
Finance : Maggie & Paulynn 
Finance : Rachel & Wendy 
Finance : Celeste & Paulynn
Pharma business unit head : Philip...yes, he's very tall  
Finance team w Financial Controller : Guan Lin

You ask why I had so many pics with the Finance team is because I've been having lunch with them every weekday since I've joined. Plus we're one big happy family.

Cheers to all!!! Will miss you much...we still have facebook

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