Friday, August 12, 2011

Aug6 - Guitar Lesson w Fatty & Skinny Music

Scorpios are artists. Ok, even if you are working in a mundane job, I'm sure u have an artistic hobby at least. Even gardening is art. U think planning where to plant your lilies is easy??!!

As a typical chinese (in my family), when I was growing up, I had to learn music eg. piano, dance eg. ballet & swimming (which i believe is important).

Piano : got until Grade 7 then I stopped. Got bored of classical.
Ballet : i think I stopped at Form 3 coz took a month break for my exams. After my return, I had difficulty doing a double pirouette. (A french word for the Ballet reference, " to whirl about.")
Swimming : the best skilled learn.

Then I took up pole dancing for my dance. But had yet to pick up another musical instrument, until I saw a deal "[83% Off] Learn to play a Full Song on Guitar or Drums in 1 hour for RM60 instead of RM350"

I really really hate it when they place price difference like that. Automatically ur brain is thinking "WOW!! Save so much!!" but never considering how much you have to pay final amount.

Anyway, Fatty & Skinny Music school is located at SS2 but don't be fooled by the address. I rounded SS2 till I found out it's located on the other side. Check out the map below.

The shop is very obvious from outside. It has a bright red signboard. And inside, it's all red as well with guitars hanging on the walls. The place is own by John but as he was outstation, Farouk was my instructor of the hour.
The music room is somewhat soundproof with majority of the major instruments in it. If you're castophobic, this might not be the right room for you. But if the room has mirrors, does that help?? I read that it makes the room seems bigger. Oh well....
Farouk mentioned that he's teaching method makes it easier for a beginner, hence the 1 Full Song in 1hr. I was thought the simplier way of reading the chords on the strings then 4 chords. Strum it in a beat of 4/4. And I was playing Zombie by Cranberries (Chorus). Inteerresstttinnnggg!!! Farouk accommpanied me with the drums.
 Next up was a jazzier version of Alicia Keys - If I Don't Have You. Using the Electric Guitar. The strings is softer & skinnier than a Acoustic Guitar. My poor fingertips. This song is a bit more difficult coz I had to focus on the beat on my right hand (rather than the basic strumming) as well as the transition on my left. Phew!!!

"At the end of the class, students receive online resources to continue their music study and enjoy a 25% discount on music lessons for one month from Fatty and Skinny Music". That's what the deal states.

I'm actually considering on a little surprise for my Company Dinner next year. Let's see if it falls thru. =p

Contact Details
Fatty and Skinny Music (Petaling Jaya)
58A, SS2/4A, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Fatty and Skinny Music (Damansara)
No. 26-1, Jalan Medan Setia 2, Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur.

Phone: 012-266 6450 (John), 017-2462567 (Farouk)

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